Contagious Giving

Giving101 is a nonprofit that is passionate about unleashing the amazing power of contagious giving.

We were founded by four siblings in 2006 under the name of our flagship program, White Envelope Project. Since its inception, the program has attracted national media attention that has resulted in exposure to more than 5 million people in over 100 countries.

We have launched a handful of other programs, most notably Expedition Give, a unique twist on a city wide scavenger hunt powering good in Atlanta. While it was extremely successful and saw hundreds of people, charities, and volunteers participate, it required more resources than available to us to execute to our levels of satisfaction. Please contact us if you would like to lead restarting this program.

We continue to be entirely volunteer-run and donor-supported and are proud to be able to spread this message of giving around the world without any permanent staff, office space, etc.